Every day in a camp on the Baikal lake we try new activities, gain experience. We are crazy about travelling, doing sports, meeting new people , communicating and of course we are absolutely in love with throwing the outstanding parties for having fun. 
Live music, friendly atmosphere, dancing, incredible sceneries and beloved company - mixture of that is a source of real happiness. In one place dancers, alpinists (climbers), free divers, artists, yoga fans and travelers come together. And each of them in one's way interesting. 
A party on the shore of the Baikal ...sounds great, doesn't it? Here people with related interests gladly share with each other their opinions and new ideas. Do not hesitate, join us! Let's funny around together and spend our time brightly.


Lively jazz dance, passionate tango, hot salsa, glaring fank styles, crazy rock-and-roll! Can you continue sitting after reading these words or do you already have an uncontainable desire to start dancing?! If you have, get your backpack full and take the road to us! On the shore of the most beautiful lake ever we dance to the liquid sounds and learn the marvelous magic of dancing. 

Are you a beginner and worry a bit about your skills? Don't hesitate, we will teach you to dance base motions, and right after a couple of days you will definitely surprise your friends! Or maybe you are a professional or an amateur and veteran? Then, come and share your own precious experience with us! We are absolutely ready, willing and able to exchange knowledge! Cause there is always room for improvement! 

Don't be shy to try! It is the greatest chance to get a close-up look at the enchanting world of dancing in such a short period of time! Moreover, you will spend these days profitably surrounded by like-minded people on the shore of the magnificent lake Baikal!

Musical percussion is the amazing world filled with sounds of percussion instruments. To touch the percussion means to touch the breath and rhythms of the planet. 

Any percussion tool in essence is a powerful tool to manage energy. It is capable to enter into a trance, to force a body to move in a mad rhythm or, on the contrary, to ship in a condition of tranquility and meditation. During the lessons in the camp on Baikal you will be taught to operate this force. 

You will get acquainted with techniques of work of your hands and fingers, of striking and will learn the technology of high-speed improvisation. You will master basic African, Latin American, Indian and east rhythms. You will try to play percussion solo and in a team. You will also learn to accompany and think out your own compositions. 

Even if you had no relation to music before - you will definitely like it. We believe that everyone is capable of mastering percussion - you just need to hear the rhythm of your own heart.