In our modern life we can hardly find a place to stop, think and understand ourselves. Sometimes we should leave the daily-routine bustle and take a brake to relax and find the inspiration. Seclusion is a way to observe our mind and to speak to the most important person in your life – speak to yourself. The international Baikal camp is not only the place for non-stop activities and communication. During your time here you will also have an opportunity to stay alone, we can help you to find a nice place for it.

There you can connect with your inner centre, prioritize the time with your own thoughts and calm down while staying among the amazing scenery of the Baikal area. But you will be able to соmе back to our community at any time.


You constantly have images and thoughts which you would like to express by means of drawing? Or like a true traveler, you dream to learn how to transfer the surprising landscapes, events and faces met on the way to paper? 
Then you should come to us - on the bank of Baikal everyone draws. Here it is absolutely impossible not to draw! The level of creative power and inspiration reads off scale! 
In small groups we will get acquainted with bases of painting and drawing. We will try to draw in different techniques and with different tools: pencils, paints, ink, felt-tip pens. We will study properties of materials – because it is possible to draw on anything! 
Together we will think about plots, do sketches, work with color and forms, step by step to improve skill. Everyone will plunge into the amazing world of creativity and imagination.
Professionals and armatures will share their secrets. Beginners will get friendly support and will see that it is easy to learn to draw – even if you hold a brush for the first time. Now, it is up to you – come!