Mountain climbing is not only a healthy physical activity for the body but also a lifestyle. 

With the help of our coach, you will learn how to both nicely climb up the mountain and move on the rocks efficiently. The techniques you’ll learn, your strength and overall endurance, coordination and body flexibility will amazingly improve your climbing skills. 
Climbing involves training of all muscles and develops coordination, plastics and will power.
Baikal climbing areas are located in a very beautiful mountainous area where everyone can freely be part and parcel of nature's beauty. We bet that with the scent of fresh air you will enjoy it to the fullest extent.
Moreover, this climbing experience will give you a chance to visit and meet new places as well as interesting people from different countries. New adventures are indispensable part of any trip!



Slacklining is an act of balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between two anchors. Amateurs usually describe slacklining as a modern tightrope walking due to its simplicity. When you are trained to perform the simplest way of walking you can move to running, jumping and different acrobatic skits. 

Here are two main things you train when slacklining: 

  1. Concentration. Maintaining balance is a process that requires deep concentration. Ability to respond quickly on challenges is useful not only in slacklining, but also in everyday life. In addition, limiting concentration protects you from bothering thoughts about external world, hence allows you to mentally relax. 
  2. Body. According to your own needs it could vary from gymnastics, acrobatics and even strength training. You burn off calories and fats, strengthen your body not indoors like in gyms, but "in the wild". It  improves your whole body efficiently and evenly. Moreover, you will learn how to maintain and understand your body. The most crucial thing offered by slacklining is good reaction and reflexes. 

In our camp you will be able to try such types of slacklining as: 

  • Tricklining/Lowlining. This type is used for making various static and dynamic tricks, and it also involves "walk on the line" training. 
  • Waterlining. This is an ordinary type of slacklining, performed above water surface. Recently it is becoming more and more popular, especially in summer. 
  • Highlining. This type of Slacklining requires using of a safety equipment when the webbing is tensioned much higher above the ground.