For all those who are going to visit an international camp it is clear that nowadays you can’t do without foreign languages. They are indispensable in modern world where you travel, communicate with people from all over the world and exchange information about different cultures. Knowing English is a must, but why not go further and get acquainted with one of the most beautiful languages in the world (according not only to Russians:))? 
Course of Russian language in International camp on Lake Baikal will help you to get basic speaking skills and understand Russian alphabet (even if it seems Greek to you). 
Experienced tutors will guide you in learning process and provide you with all the necessary rules in a light and comprehensible way – especially for foreign speaking people. Volunteers and Russian participants of the camp will help you to practice. 
Probably you won’t read Tolstoy or Dostoevsky in original even after a month of attending lessons but maybe it will motivate you to continue studying and next year you will return to Russia to improve your knowledge in this language too.