This class will teach you how to survive in the wilderness without tons of expensive equipment or backpacking gear.
Even the basic course will teach you enough to survive – for a while at least – in the outdoors, and some vital first aid. For those who hike or climb, or follow any manner of outdoor pursuits, at least some of these skills could as well prove useful at some point, especially in the first aid and navigation. That’s why survival classes can be so important. They offer a true hands-on chance to learn the skills you need to survive outdoors in real conditions, and from people who are experts in the field. 
You will learn a lot of different important things, especially the basic things such as how to get shelter, fire, water, and food and more. You will learn how to work with Nature. Survival is not a physical challenge of "You vs Nature" since you would lose every time in that match up. Rather, survival is about living in a cooperative effort between you and the world around you. Its all about knowledge. learning how to improvise and discovering the "little tricks" that make it all come together.