In our Baikal camp we have plenty of activities. Volleyball is one of them. What can be more enjoyable than using your free time for meeting with your new friends in a friendly volleyball match or maybe just simply playing this dynamic team game to get to know each other better? 
There are also some real benefits of playing volleyball: it effects on the body's metabolic rate, enhancing the energy level, which improves your efficiency. This game also improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens and develops fast reflexes. 
Life is a movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Don't waste your time uselessly. Feel your life in every moment. Join us! Let's play?



Game "frisbee" is a cheerful and useful way of pastime outside. We play it both on the bank of Baikal, and in the most picturesque places of Olkhon, and even in the water. 
Why is frisbee so special? 
Frisbee is a team game in which we learn to act together and take the hint. During the game there is a friendly atmosphere, everyone masters new receptions and techniques, gets acquainted with rules. Together we rejoice to victories, we support each other. 
Frisbee is a mobile sport during which different groups of muscles work, coordination of movements improves, dexterity and speed of reaction trains. 
And just it is cheerful. It is possible to throw a disk from your back and through legs, to jump up, to pass on long distances or to run in attempts to catch. When playing frisbee it is possible to think up your own series of cheerful tricks.