Jack BlackElena Vaseleeva
Last summer I was lucky to visit the camp. I spent whole summer in one of the most spiritual place – on Lake Baikal. I met a lot of wonderful creative people from there. In the evening we had parties: danced on the sand, sang songs near the fire, played the guitar and other musical instruments, swam, played volleyball. Boys made banya: after taking a steam-bath we dived in the lake. That was good to switch off from civilization. Thanks to the camp for giving the possibility to go into the wild and get rid of city bounds.
Elena Vaseleeva
Jack BlackEkaterina
Baikal has always been a magnetic enigma for me. In 2014 I saw on the Internet an advertisement of a camp on an “uninhabited island” in the middle of this lake. And I realized that is was my chance. I don’t think that anybody can know Baikal better than those who’ve been living there all their life. Thanks to Eugene and all his team for showing me this marvelous lake and letting me feel its power and get part of its energy. This trip is one of the brightest experiences in my life.
Jack BlackDmitry
That is not for the first time that I take part in this project. I like the feelings that I get from undisturbed, calm nature. And all those people who come from all over the world inspire me to self-development. The camp is full of very different people, some of them are rapt by music, others by sports or arts. Baikal unites us all. You can do lots of things in the camp. Don’t even hesitate, see you on Baikal.
Jack BlackViktoria Stepanova
It all started with an ad on the Internet. In was in February so at first is seemed unreal. Then I bought the tickets to Irkutsk and after a few hours of hitch-hiking (which I decided to experience) I found myself on Olkhon. The beauty of the lake stupefied me. New colors every day… New impressions, new people, trips, emotions… This travelling was memorable, it left its mark on my mind and on my life.
Viktoria Stepanova
Jack BlackElena Zaykova
Yesterday we went to Aya caves. This short trip was one of the most fascinating! After brief but substantial instructions Eugene took us into caves where narrow ways and low ceilings made us thrilled. We were ready to explore each tiny way and go as far as we could with the help of flashlights and our bravery. It took us a few hours to get into almost every tube. The cave was like a labyrinth, and there we found an ice hall, a very deep well… So the trip was a challenge for us which we accepted with excitement!
Elena Zaykova
Jack BlackAlexander
I already miss Baikal and the camp! This summer I finally saw it not in the pictures but in real and there is no use to try to describe it with words – it is impossible. Everybody should see it at least once. There I met lots of interesting people! Real people. They have a thirst for living, travelling, creating, their eyes are shining. The most difficult thing is to take the first step. And they did it. I miss them, and though we don’t see each other any longer, I’m sure everything is cool in their lives. To feel the power of the wind; to admire fascinating colors of the water and the sky; to drink Baikal water :) ; to feel the nature… These are things everyone should experience.
Jack BlackMasha Grekova
An unbelievable trip through space and time. Seclusion among amazing people. They were so unique, from different places – and all together. Water surface and sky – all you need around you. You run, you smile, your mind is clean and open, you’re here, you’re in this very moment. You’re alive.
Masha Grekova
Jack BlackAnton
Cool wind and hot sun – a contrast that is typical of Lake Baikal. The nature is so amazing – turquois water and high rocks. Right here and right now – that is the motto of the camping life. You don’t waste your time on analyzing what you’ve done and what you should do next – you just do it and enjoy everything around you. You enjoy people, entertainments, contemplation. Now you finally have time to allow some time for yourself. Right here and right now.