Evgenii Klepikov

Author of the Project

Evgeniy is the team leader of the project, an experienced traveler who knows Baikal area better than anyone. Evgeniy is in charge of absolutely everything in the camp and copes with it perfectly. He is ready to guide you in various trips and make your stay in the camp unforgettable.

Anastasia Soskova


Our teammate Anastasia is a very kind and caring, decisive and persistent person. She is fond of extreme sports (rock-climbing), knows sailing (has marine license) and is a huge fan of travelling. Anastasia makes the atmosphere in the camp very friendly and cozy.

Alina Adaeva


I’m from St. Petersburg and I’m really obsessed with travelling. My English is on a high level (Academic IELTS), so I work on the content of the site and Instagram page. Participating in the project is a real childhood dream, as I believe that it’s impossible to know Russia without visiting marvelous Baikal.

Arthur Magsumov


Arthur is a doctor whose greatest hobby is travelling. His has perfect skills in survival teaching and has a long-term experience in scouting. He looks forward to be part of your journey and share his rich knowledge and skills in his favorite occupation.

Ekaterina Lepeshko


I’m from St. Petersburg. As I know English quite well (Academic IELTS) and even speak Chinese a bit, I travel a lot around the world. But you can be a real traveler only if you know your homeland well. So that is why I’m in the team of this amazing project, also working on the Instagram page and the site.

Anna Melikyan


I’m from Moscow where I work as an English and French teacher. I can hardly imagine my life without communication, so the majority of my occupations is people related. In the team I do my best to assure communication with foreigners so I’m in charge of the English version of the camp’s site.

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